Wednesday, May 28, 2014

it's a job that i'll never get tired of

getting ready for a barn show is no simple task.  it's the closest thing i've had to a real full time job (definately not counting raising kids) in a long time.  fortunately for me, i love this job!
it helps that my work area has everything i need
so many things to prepare...
my favorite part-shopping and buying

then there's the cleaning, repairing, sanding, painting.
it feels good to get into the grime and mess-to make a useful piece of furniture out of something that could have been garbage.

something that takes the longest time is coming up with ideas on how to work each piece.  each one speaks to you a different way or they don't speak at all. 
some need major redos. occasionally, a redo happens multiple times on a single piece until it feels right.
 this poor buffet will prob be heading for its 4th make-over soon
(it felt right to me but obviously not to most)
and some just need some good old elbow grease to turn out perfect
i also plan on preparing some yummy pasta salads in jars to sell.  anyone who knows me, knows that cooking is my second passion to painting
(this one's a delish barefoot contessa recipe)
finally, there's mailings to do, updates online(this one has taken me 2 hrs-not so computer savvy), pricing(my hardest task), decorating the barn, blah blah blah.

 i love it all!